All You Need To Know

General information

Opening hours

  • Defqon.1 opens its doors on Saturday at 12:00.

Closing hours

  • The music stops at 23:00 and Defqon.1 closes at 23:30.

Inside the event

  • Once admitted to the event, you are not allowed to leave and re-enter without buying a new ticket.
  • You can bring any professional camera, but bringing a drone is not allowed.
  • Once you enter the venue, you agree to be filmed and/or photographed by our team. The records are of exclusive use and absolute right of Street Machine Productions.
  • Do not buy tickets from strangers outside the event, they may be false.
  • Anyone who is caught entering the event illegally will be referred to the authorities. Do not try to climb over the fence.

Minimum Age

  • The minimum age for Defqon.1 is 18 years old. Avoid disappointment and make sure to bring a valid ID with you. No ID, means no entry.
  • The identity and age of the attendees will be checked through a biometric control system.


Tickets for Defqon.1 Chile are available at

Tickets are also available at the door.

Dutchies at Defqon.1 Chile

Do you have a Dutch passport? Then you can visit Defqon.1 Chile for free :) Make sure you register before November 21st here.


  • At Defqon.1 festival, we maintain a zero tolerance policy for carrying and / or use of illegal drugs.
  • Anyone caught with drugs at the festival, will be referred to the authorities and removed from the event.



Any medication taken to the event must comply with the following guidelines::

  • All medicines must be in their original packaging.
  • The medicines must be presented with a doctor’s prescription.
  • The event security guards are allowed to check whether the doctor’s prescription is for the person presenting it.
  • Paramedics at the entrance of the event will assist security staff in controlling the entry of medication.
  • Non-prescription aspirin is allowed.
  • Inhalers for asthmatics are allowed.

How to get there

From Santiago

Terminal Tarapacá, two blocks away from the Universidad de Chile subway, on the platforms of the Trans-Center company, you will find the buses that go directly to the door of Munich. The other bus companies’ leaves from the terminal of San Borja, these buses will leave you in the crossing of Peñaflor with Camino Melipilla, Vicuña Mackenna with Balmaceda. It is 1.8 km from the center of Munich Events.

The Munich event center is located between Balmaceda and Berlin.

By car

Take the highway 78 Carretera el Sol. On the Peñaflor exit take north, the first one on the left, this is Balmaceda Avenue, former road Melipilla. After 1.8 km, you will find our parking lots.

From the south

Most of the buses arrive at the Alameda bus terminal, at the central metro station San Borja terminal; here you will find the connections to take the buses that go to the junction of the former road Melipilla with Vicuña Mackenna Avenue. Remember that from this point you will have to walk 1.8 km, to take the buses that go directly to the door of the Munich, you must take the metro to the station Universidad de Chile, walk two blocks to the bus terminal Tarapacá, here the company Trans Centro will have exclusive area where you can find the buses going to Defqon.1.

By car

If you come from Ruta 5 Sur, take the Calera de Tango exit, continue straight on to the former road to Melipilla, here you must turn left, after crossing the 1.8 km, you will find the parking for Defqon.1.

How to get back

  • If you go to the south, take the Calera de Tango route to Ruta 5 Sur.
  • If you go to Santiago, take the former road to Melipilla, until the crossing of Peñaflor. Here turn right to take the road 78, rout Carretera el Sol towards Santiago.
  • In case of vehicular congestion, police will collaborate to make the traffic fluid.

Celebrate Safe!

To live a weekend safely and fully enjoys Defqon.1, we recommend following the next indications from Celebrate Safe:

  • Drinking alcohol or using drugs is never out of risk.
  • Take time to relax and rest your body.
  • Drink water but not more than two glasses per hour.
  • Take care of your ears. Always use earplugs.
  • Think for yourself, take care of others.
  • Create your routine: eat, sleep, rave!
  • Do not exceed your limits, be responsible.
  • Wear warm clothes for the evening, just in case.
  • Protect yourself. Have safe sex.
  • The First Aid team is your friend and is here to help even with a band aid or an aspirin.
  • Don’t drive drunk or drugged. You are a great risk to yourself and others.

During Defqon.1 we celebrate safely. If you have any questions about the use of alcohol or other drugs, you’re welcome for a chat at the ‘celebrate safe’ stand supported by Unity. Unity is an open-minded harm reduction project in the party scene. They will be happy to talk to you and share their knowledge. When you’re (or your friend) not feeling well, please visit the first aid team. The first aid team is your friend, and is here to help you without judgment.

Public Transport

In case the public transport presents irregularity, we recommend you to come with your car together with your friends or to use the buses of the festival.

Those who travel in their cars to the festival, Defqon.1 has enabled more than 3.000 parking lots around the Munich event center.

To park in this area, it is mandatory to purchase a parking ticket before traveling to the festival. This ticket has a value of $5.000 at parking San Javier, $ 7.000 at parking Balmaceda and $12.000 at parking vip.

Official buses
There will be buses 60 official buses from the terminal Tarapacá towards the Munich event center.

These buses have a cost of $2.000 one way.

You can buy your ticket at the Festival.

The schedules
From the terminal Tarapacá to the Munich event center from 8:30.

From Munich event center to Santiago from 20:30.


On the festival ground, toilets are free of charge and will be constantly maintained by a cleaning team.

Festival services

The facilities you can find are:

  • Merchandise.
  • Health services.
  • Food and bars.
  • Tokens.
  • First aid.

You can buy food and drinks with Tokens. You can buy your Tokens inside the festival in different points enabled for sale.

There are no ATMs within the festival. We recommend bringing cash.


  • The entrance of professional cameras and equipment is not allowed.
  • Our tip: Make all possible videos and upload them to your social media! Don’t forget to use #Defqon1.
  • Professional camera equipment is considered those with removable lenses. These are not allowed.

Food & drinks

There will be plenty of drinks and food available at the festival site.
Bars are available at every area.

Do's and don'ts

Things you’re not allowed to bring


  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: Energy soda and water containers.
  • Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are sold during all the hours of the festival.


  • Food of any kind.


  • Sharp objects
  • Backpacks or bags bigger than 40lts.
  • Glass bottles

We suggest you to bring:

  • Sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Cap or hat.


Timetable DQ Chile-1