5 things you don’t want to miss at Defqon.1 Chile

1. Italian Flavor

We’re spicing things up the Italian way at Defqon.1 Chile this year. The legendary Italian hardcore & hardstyle sound is well represented with Mad Dog, Technoboy and Tuneboy.

With Mad Dog showing the sheer power of Italian hardcore to the BLACK, while veterans Technoboy & Tuneboy bring their A-game to the BLUE, one thing becomes clear; Italians know how to party. To top it all, TNT is going to do a unique ’15 years of TNT’ live set at the RED! Definitely a must-see.

2. Frequencerz

It’s time to be part of the Wolfpack as Frequencerz make their Chile debut at the BLUE. With their signature mix of RAW and euphoric, this freaky duo knows exactly how to make a crowd lose their minds.

BLUE – 18:30 – 19:30 hrs

3. The hardest ladies on the block

Are you ready to witness the devastating force created by three of the most powerful women within the harder styles? Brace yourselves, as hardcore goddess is Korsakoff brings her annihilating sound to the BLACK, while local uptempo dj, Miss Offender shows Defqon.1 what she’s made of. Think that’s it? Guess again. Deetox, the undisputed queen of RAW, takes the BLUE to the next level with her tormenting screeches and thunderous kicks. Think you’re up for it?

4. Da Tweekaz

Pure madness with Da Tweekaz awaits you as the craziest dudes from Norway are here to unleash the rubber ducky apocalypse at Defqon.1 Chile! This insane act won’t just perform once, but twice at the ultimate harder styles festival. Catch them at the RED to witness their trademark high-energy hardstyle sounds, or go to the WHITE for ‘Tweekacore’, where they enter another dimension of craziness with their very first Happy/UK Hardcore set.

RED – 17:00 – 18:00 hrs

5. Frontliner

The creator of this year’s Defqon.1 Chile anthem ‘Dragonblood’  stands ready to close the RED with an epic bang. Standing still won’t be an option as he releases his melodies on the crowd. Surrender yourself to the Melody Man: Frontliner!

RED – 22:00 – 22:50